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The word means stupid or dumb, but can only be used against people named Terry in a losing argument.
Terry: Dude you're stupid, Nintendo is way better than Sony.
Joe: Shut up Tert.
Terry: *Visible confusion*
Joe: Yeah thats what I thought, loser.
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by TerryThe1st June 19, 2020

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A group lead by Barack Obama to seize control of the world.
Obama: Hello Obama Nation today we take control of a popular game called "Minecraft".
Nation: *Excitement*
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by TerryThe1st July 20, 2019

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A word for a group or place that was built to survive something but ended up helping whatever they were trying to stop.
Dude1:"Yo homie, my favourite shop is closing down.."
Dude2:"Let's make a purgebunker for it!
-Sometime later-
Dude1:"We made a huge mistake in making this"
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by TerryThe1st September 13, 2020

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