3 definitions by Teegtahn

1) Someone who is appointed to maintain a level of control over a Network, he is also responcible for the upkeep of the Network, or the hiring of service personnel.
2) Someone who hires, fires, and maintains the other hired personnel on a Network (usually maitnance personnel or other subordinates)
3) Someone who owns or plays a good part in running a Network
The Network Administrator has fixed the Webserver.
by Teegtahn December 17, 2003
A word from the D'ni language from the games of Myst, Riven, Exile, URU. It translates to Worker, literally Teeg being 'work' and tahn being an Agent Noun Suffix.
Example Sentance:
tehsot prin fahehts teegtahntee kodoteegeet
our first small group (of) workers were working
by Teegtahn May 15, 2004
1. (Traditional Defination) A hacker is one who is able to aptly code, or wire hardware without the need for a manual, instruction book or other documentation.

2. (Modern Defination) A hacker is also one who is skilled in the art of obtaining access to a computer to which is defened by a security program.

3. (Modern Defination) A hacker can also be considered someone who uses of an assistive device in some online games. See: wall hacks aimbot myg0t cheaters

1. I want you to hack that new program as fast as you can, we have to meet our release date.

2. Damn hackers, wiped out the database.

3. "Damn OGC Newb. Get some skill."
by Teegtahn June 23, 2006