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see scab together.

1. n. A method of building and/or installation of a particular item with utter disregard for manufacturer's instructions, resulting in the item's total failure.

2. v. To install or fabricate something with complete apathy to anyone's safety and industry standards of quality. (cob it, cobbing it)
1. Dude, that book shelf is totally coming down. Whatever asshole installed that total cob job should stop smoking the herb.

2. Ford just keeps cobbing in the rear brake drums on the Focus, resulting in the rear wheels falling off.

"If you are cobbing it and you know it, it's ok. It's when you don't know it that matters."
A qualified craftsman can cut corners and mildly cob together a quick fix, but when a homeowner cobs something, you'd better beware.
"Man, my dad cobbed the stairs together and my mom fell through, breaking her neck. "
by technohermit September 06, 2006
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Three wolves, one moon. It is a shirt of superb influence, depicting three wolves howling at the moon. If you have trailer park or Wal-Mart close by, you have no doubt seen it in action. Do not stare at it, and keep your women and children away from it. Unless you want fatherless children to look after, of course.

It is the devil's trick on mankind!
Search am*zon for it. Three wolves shirt. Do it.
I bought the 3W1M shirt, a pack of marlboro's, and a golf cart. Going to Wal-Mart to get some vajay jay. Prolly won't be home till the sun comes up.
by technohermit June 27, 2009
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1. A person who can't read a tape measure, cannot reasonably determine if something is plumb/level/square, or cannot tell if two (or more) different objects are the same color. Generally speaking, someone you don't want doing any type of finish work on your house.

2. Someone who, at an early age, has been hit about the head something fierce, and now one eye wanders.

1. Johnny: Ma!?! How does this picture look on the wall?
Ma: Johnny, have your brother hang it. You've got fuck eye, son. It's not even close to level.

2. Dude 1: Dude, seriously, you're not even looking at with with your right eye.

Dude 2: Dude, you know I got hit in the head with a baseball when we were kids.

Dude 1: Oh, that's right. I forgot you've got fuck eye from that! My bad.
by technohermit February 19, 2008
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The hole that you shit from; the anus.
My girl was acting up, so when she fell asleep, I hit her in the dirt pocket. That'll learn 'er

by technohermit October 01, 2006
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Brewster, NY. Because it has been invaded by illegal latinos stealing all the blue collar jobs, and only speaking poor Spanish.

Guy 1: "Dude, I've got to mow my lawn. I'm going down to Main St to pick up some Ecuadorians from El Brewsterdoro."

Guy 2: "Fuck that, shit, they work for mad cheap and suck our economy dry by sending all their loot home, and living 20 to an apartment. I'm going to Mom + Pops and getting you a tractor. Mow that shit yourself, you fucking slug."

Fuck El Brewsterdoro.
by technohermit October 02, 2007
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High class prostitute, dealing mostly with stock market johns or politicians.
Not sure if I want a bullish or bearish favor trader. Do they make a beaverish one?
Favor Trader soaked me for $5K last night but she was worth it!
by technohermit March 03, 2015
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