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Contrary to most falsehood and lies put out here, akata isn't a Yoruba word, isn't in Yoruba lexicon and was never coined by the Yoruba people of nigeria, we do not take pride in coining derogatory terms for our fellow African Americans, Akata is an Igbo word coined by the Igbo people of south east nigeria (igboland), akata is also a place in Imo state south east nigeria (igboland). It's a term used by Igbo auther chinua Achebe and now used by Igbo americans as a derogatory term against African American women. Research for yourself on the words and origins and don't just rely on falsehood posted on the internet to covertly promote anti-yoruba sentiments.
Emeka called the African American woman an akata simply because she wouldn't act like his docile African wife.
by Techbro May 25, 2021
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The Yoruba people is an ethnic tribe indiginous in South west nigeria, parts of Benin republic and Togo, they speak Yoruba language.

The Yoruba's are a hard working, industrious and intelligent group of people with a rich culture who dominate the cooperate, entertainment and education, tech sectors in Nigeria but hardly brag about their achievements. The Yoruba's are also highly accommodative people and liberal people; outsiders are treated nicely and women and men are treated equally, despite this the Yoruba's take their culture seriously and value respect for one's elders and leaders.

Famous Yoruba men and women include:
Fela Kuti.
Bayo Ogunlesi.
Anthony Joshua.
Israel Adesanya.
Yemi Osinbanjo.
Mo Abudu.
Adewale Adeyemo.
Wole Soyinka.
Bisi Akande.
Mike Adenuga.
David Oyelowo.
Most of what you know as Nigerian language is actually yoruba language.

Ibadan and Lagos are the two largest cities of the Yoruba's.
by Techbro March 08, 2021
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