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Another name for the pop sensation Justin Bieber who has yet to go through puberty and sounds much like a girl and probably is on the inside. He probably has a boyfriend as well so if he is male, he is therefore gay giving him the name Gay B.
Person 1: Oh! I love this song by JB! Turn it up!

Person 2: I'm pretty sure you mean Gay B
by Tech_geek23 February 23, 2011
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A night held for pledges by their pledge trainers, whether it be a student organization at a university or a greek fraternity, it usually ends up with the pledges getting drunk and having a fun time with their fellow pledge brothers. Sometimes there could be other things occurring that one would not normally do on a normal night. Normally held after pledgeship ends but before a pledge is initiated.
1: What happens between ending pledgeship and becoming initiated?

2: We have a neophyte night were we get drunk and have a little party with our pledge trainers

1: nice! Have fun!!!

2: oh I will!
by Tech_geek23 November 13, 2013
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