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A male human that is attracted to large tall and obese women. This man will hunt these large game animals will malicious intent, and with full intention of penetration! no always vaginally.
Dustin: damn look at the yeti!
Zar: yeah mister you better go slay that thing!
Dustin: but mister im not wearing my yeti slayer gear!
Zar: thats never stoppped you before!
by Tat2dchef April 06, 2009
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jew sugar is simply kosher salt.
Hey chef pass me some of that jew sugar!
by tat2dchef May 01, 2009
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a male hippie with at least shoulder legth hair. that possibly hasent showered in days, is bent out on acid and some dank ass herb. long hairs are gennerally found in clusters at music festivals and concerts: ranging in the gernres of classic rock, bluegrass, psychedelic rock, and reggae. there unpredictable frantic behavior can cause unrest in " normal communities"!
Jim: i am the lizard king! ( runs acroos street)

Driver: fuckin long hairs!
by tat2dchef April 06, 2009
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