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baldylocks = name for a bald headed friend

Derived from the story book name Goldy Locks and used originally in Nottingham, 2003 by Tanner to refer to his follically challenged or shaven headed friends. First used on Jon Eames and later on Random Guy.
Oi Baldylocks, can you get me some ganj this weekend?
by Tanner D August 02, 2004

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Hairy Minge is a derived as a play on words from Furry Muff.

Hariy Minge = Furry Muff = Fair Enough!

Got bored of people using Furry Muff, so i decided to put a twist on it!
- Tanner, you're up next!
- Hairy Minge!
by Tanner D August 10, 2004

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