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a baseball or basketball jock that loves man-loving. They particularly like to catch balls and throw their balls at other men. They will never let go of someone's balls before throughly fondling it. They like to get naked and have butt sex in the locker room and showers. They love to use their hands to stroke the balls of the other jocks. They are the type of men who refuse to have a girls' sports team because they would have less room for gay sex with other ass-obsessed jocks. They also refuse to wear a uniform that does not immediately communicate to everyone what a flamer they are. They can usually be seen touching each other's asses before any game starts to show each other the butt-loving commitment they make to each other.
Guy: Look at that hand fairy. He loves to feel that jock's balls.
Dude: I know. He can't keep his hands off those balls.
by Tank6 June 16, 2008

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A homosexual football player. They are so extreme and aggressive in their fucking gayness that they can't help but to fist each other in the locker rooms and fist nerds under the guise of being tough and hazing. These raging flamers love the game of football because it takes absolutely no skill and it always includes grabbing, touching, piling on top of, and tea baging the other muscular homos. Their usual uniform consists of a school hoodie, shorts, a foot ball bag, and Gatorade because Gatorade is for faggots. They are naturally arrogant, loud, and trying to act like the alpha male on ever other fucking gay alpha male.
Fist Fairy: Have you seen Rob?
Dude: No. Why the hell do you want with that fist fairy anyway?
Fist Fairy: FOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTBBAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! I didn't get to fist his ass last game. *Looks over at Dude's ass*
by Tank6 June 17, 2008

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A soccerball player of questionable sexuality.
Man-"Look at that chick playing soccer."
Dude-"That's a guy."
Man-"What a f**king foot fairy!"
by Tank6 January 01, 2008

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