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1. A supremely reliable car of Japanese design. Formerly imported direct from Japan, now more commonly assembled in the USA.
2. Most likely any non-Honda car with over 300,000 on the odometer.
3. A vehicle with normally bland body styling, an underpowered engine, and weak acceleration that is easy on the wallet, and prettymuch indestructible.
4. A company known mostly for the Camry, that has a produced a few outstanding exceptions to itself. Namely the Celica Supra, and the Mid-Engined MR2.
5. Also sold under the Brand 'Lexus', and more recently 'Scion'.
Me: Dad, when are you going to get rid of that '73 Corona of yours?
Dad: When the engine finally dies.
Me: Let's see. The heater's broken, the trunk is rusted out, the odometer is nearly at 400,000, the radio is somewhere around a truck stop on Skykomish, and the exaust system is prettymuch useless. One day you're going to go outside, there will just be the engine sitting by it's lonely self in the driveway and it will STILL work.

During the 1980's the Toyota Camry was prettymuch a government issued car.
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
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A small German-designed car that is a distant cousin to the Porsche. When VW began importing to the United States at the end of the 50's the Beetle was the ONLY true economy car on the market.
Commonly associated with the Hippies that drove them during the 1960's. The engine is an air-cooled opposed four (generating some cooling/ interior heating issues that can usually be overcome with a good aftermarket fan.)
It's simple design makes it an easy car to modify. (Many Dune Buggys, and kit cars are built on the Beetle Chassis.)
It's unique body design and chirping exaust note make the VW Beetle one of the most distinctive cars of the 20th Century.

Fun Facts: Translated from German VolksWagen literally means "People's Car." VW was actually comissioned by Adolf Hitler, causing some to refer to the car as "Hitler's Revenge."
Despite the fact that the origional Beetle has long been out of production in the USA, it is still possible to buy a brand new Beetle of the original body style in Mexico.
Has one of the longest production runs of any vehicle model EVER, possibly barring the Chevy Suburban.
The record for most miles driven on a Gas powered car is held by a Volkswagen Beetle. 1,000,000 on only two engines.
My aunt's sister has had that same blue '74 Super Beetle for as long as I can remeber. it still sounds as good as ever
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
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1. Any Vehicle of any make or model known for inherent problems.
2. A car/truck/van/etc that is broken more often than it is running.
3. Any goofy, oddball, badly engineered, or poorly implimented component that causes a vehicle to reflect definition 2.
4. That tiny 99 cent part that breaks at the most inconvenient time and then magically ballons into a $1,400 shop bill.
Dammit! My Thunderbird is a real Mechanic's friend! That's the fifth starter it's chewed up since I bought it!
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
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A Cheaply manufactured foreign car that has a General Motors badge on it. Build quality is nothing short of terrible. None of the parts fit right. Vital components tend to break before non vital ones (Ignition breaks before the stereo does), With it's tiny, emission-control choked I-4 it sounds as cheap as it is.
Has a terribly short life expectancy.
Me: Wow. We have a 98 Cavalier in the shop already, eh? What Happened?
Dan: What didn't? The timing belt snapped like glass dipped in dry-ice, the ignition won't turn, the starter is history, and it's stuck in 3rd gear.
Me: I see... How many miles does it have on it.
Dan: About 63K.

See also Mechanic's Friend
by Talen the Twitchy January 04, 2005
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