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Lesser hedgehog tenrec - ECHINOPS TELFAERI

Description: A small, stout-bodied animal similar to the hedgehog, with short tail, and limbs and muzzle of moderate length, the hedgehog tenrec has prominent ears, and its entire back is covered with sharp spines. Its color usually yellow buff, but individuals range from near white to almost black. Head and body length is about 5 to 7", weight about 7 oz.

Location: Madagascar.
That tenrec looks like a spiky mole to me.
by tails February 24, 2004

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Raps, hip hop, music or other writings by 'gangster' cliches.
Rap is an urban lit.
by Tails September 27, 2003

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Stupid thing that is a mispelling of bee.
I am the annoying Zeo Beee.
by Tails November 11, 2003

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Another name for Bolt.
"they invented a word for bolt in the dictionary"
by Tails December 23, 2003

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A person who poses as being slow.
"That's what we like to call a glorkle."
by Tails December 08, 2003

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Random word to throw in when saying "I'll ____ YOU."
I'll prosticate YOU.
by Tails February 20, 2004

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A person who annoyingly fixes the spelling of people when someone is speaking a different language.
"I have to fag."
"There is a mark there, it's fàg not fag."
"Shut up, spelling nazi."
by Tails February 04, 2004

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