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the opposite of a fuck up, someone succesful with alot of money.
guy 1: remember that guy rob?

guy 2: he got a leading role in a movie, what a fuck down!
by killzcobra November 26, 2011
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To quit doing something, or to tone down an activity. Typically used towards drunken idiots who are being obnoxious or just generally any friend who is taking a joke too far

"Hey Candie! You're smoking too much pot! Fuck down! Now!"
by TheSomethingNick April 30, 2010
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An orgy of sorts, but the numbers favor the men. Many more wowen than men.
Hey I heard there was an orgy the other night...did you go?

Yes I did but it was more of a fuck down than anything.
by JWASmokes October 25, 2008
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A "fuck your brains out" event shared with another person who also wants to fuck your brains out.
Jenn is driving 100 miles to see Ronnie. He's driving 200 miles to see her. When they meet up in the middle, they're gonna fuck down!
by Molano July 20, 2016
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