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Song released by dancehall artiste valiant has risen to becoming a new slang for the island which means im getting crazy not actually but when I hear the song I feel to go crazy
him a mad out
by TRXPGQ September 10, 2023
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The name given to a person who is ambitious and bold but throws it all a way for older men
That girl is a Kiera .E
by TRXPGQ August 29, 2023
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Sprayground is a company that makes clothing , much more but is known for their bags. These bags in Jamaica are seen as the the island's national bag because every child wants one, and you can see one in almost every high school in the island. Their bags carry enough space an compartments for anyone who needs one.
Yo check out Jelani's Sprayground , I wish I could have one
by TRXPGQ September 10, 2023
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The phrase is often used by dancehall artiste Najeeri , he stated that it the term comes from the online browser game Bob The Robber. He uses it as a reference to say he is a bigger robber than bob
by TRXPGQ September 10, 2023
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