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typical "scene" girl:

-choppy hair that looks cool on myspace, but is always greasy and pressed against her forehead in reality
-usually bleached with Paul Mitchell: Trailer Park Crack Whore color
-is a professional photographer and insists she doesn't own photoshop
-wants a septum ring but mom won't let her
-has a myspace with pictures of her in her bathroom pretending to cry or with writing on her knuckles
-says she goes to local shows all the time, but you never really see her there
-thinks boys who look as close to girls as possible are hot
-belongs to a livejournal community called "cuntxcore" or "gungunbangbang" or "murderscene". because anything involving guns, or bang, or murder, or glamour, electric, shock, lust, or cunt, she thinks is cool in everybody else's book so it's cool in her book
-often says things like "SUP NIGZ" or "KTHXBAI" or "I HATE YOU KDIE" or "IM COOLER THAN YOU K" or "SUP IM RAD" on their myspace profile
-when met by a more skilled photoshop user, the scene girl will insist this newcomer is a "Fake"
-loves dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands on one forum and then condemns dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands on another.
-theyre just obnoxious overweight middle schoolers trying to fit into a world controlled by mass marketing corporations who tell them their cheap neon pants they buy using mommy's money from hot topic are unique and LYKE TOTALLY xxh4rdXXC0R3xxx
-Oh look. the fixed definition of a scene girl.

-scene girls are just obnoxious overweight bitches online.
by TB_ftw February 15, 2010
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A place where children go to be ridiculed by younger children and then be forced into sending naked photos of themselves to older children to prove they are not fakes.

The older children will then post the pictures on ATP, and the child will be ridiculed by hundreds of faceless perverts.

The child will then find that the place is a good place to mope to about everything wrong with their life, but they will recieve no pity from the other children, the they will threaten to kill themselves.

The child will morph into one of the older children, and begin ridiculing newer ones.

The child will spam secrets and insist Chris Brown Girl is cool and The child will try to have people rate his or her photos in a "hot post" but will be sent to the bottom of the list by the older children who have fake accounts to thumb up their own posts.

The child will argue about something in one post, and then defend it in the next and will begin to realize they have drifted away from friends and family irl and they now think things they never though were funny are hilarious, including violence, racism, and rape.
The child will see newer children with better hair become more popular and will threaten to leave.

They will actually just lurk for an hour or two then reappear to mope about how much more messed up their life is than everyone else's.

The child will amass a large amount of child pornography and begin texting strangers and will make fake accounts for thumbs up.
The child will lose all touch with reality and before they know it, their life will revolve around Ask The Planet, a terrible myspace app made by a terrible programmer, psuedo-controlled by a dickhead with a napoleon complex and his tryhard insensitive girlfriend from florida.
by TB_ftw February 15, 2010
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