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Like a hamburger, but served cold on a silver plate by an idiot. Not to be confused with the "hambirder" which is a Quarter Pounder served between two McChicken pattiez.
i just love wiping stormy all down with sum hamberder wrapperz.

i never got behind that thousand points of light. but 1000 hamberders. now that is worth shutting the gubmint down for.
by SweetPoTater January 15, 2019

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A threesome with 2 women and 1 man. Not a drinking game. In contrast to the Devil's Triangle, it is highly recommended that the women make eye contact.
Hey bro, what was going on in your tent last night?
Dude, total Angel's Triangle with them two chix. Really broke in my 1-man/2-women tent. So much eye contact.
by SweetPoTater October 08, 2018

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