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I Know Right; To agree with something because you know how it feels or you see it the same way.

Something a Jason often repeats aloud
Violet: My teacher is a douche for giving us so much homework
Erika: iKnoRyt wtf

Jason: iKnoRyt!!!!!!!!
Erika: shut up already
by SweetPeaErrka January 19, 2009
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A band from Sacramento, California; Band members are Nate, Josiah, Matt, & Bryan.

"Their songs fuel addictive uptempos that trump any and all pretensions with harmony and utter ardency. Wired with a sense of transcendent contingency, Bidwell breaks the barriers of musical perplexities, mustering a high-powered sound that compels the listener to become lost in their passionate lyrics and provoking melodies.

Alternative Rock & Roll has finally met it's match; four artists from Northern California with the ability to draw the masses and the tenacity to keep them salivating for more."

They love visiting Palm Springs, because everyone there loves them, especially Erika
Erika: omg! Did you see Bidwell's performance at Ignition last night in Palm Springs?
Some girl: No, why?
Erika: Because Bidwell is the shit that's why!
by SweetPeaErrka January 19, 2009
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"Martin Luther King" Party; A party thrown on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (since there is no school and sometimes no work). In order for this to be a MLK Party and not just a regular party, the participants must start each shot with the phrase "I have a dream..." followed by anything they wish to 'dream' about. If MLK's dreams can come true, maybe your drunk wishes will come true...at least for the night anyways.
Logan: "Here's to our MLK Party: I have a dream...that imma get some good dome tonight from one of you people"

Violet: "I have a dream...that imma get laid tonight"

Erika: "I have a dream...to not take care of you drunks"
by SweetPeaErrka January 17, 2011
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