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A place to chill or have a party.
"Ey yo malone da pawtys atcho spot tonight nigga."
by Sweat November 30, 2004
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Pawty, another word for party.
Ey yo nigga wurs da mu fuckin PAWTY at tonight.
by Sweat January 28, 2005
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Ballin and Shawty cominbed as one. Basically it is a fine ass girl. This word is straight outta da 719, C Sprangs.
Alan:" Sweat, look at dat whore-wich."
Sweat:"I know nigga, daz a grib of sholla's."
by Sweat June 17, 2005
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Origniated from two brothas. Chris and Justin. straight out of Dub P.
Justin:" Damn nigga look at dem shawtys"
Chris:" I know nigga. Daz a ma fuckin whore-wich."
by Sweat February 20, 2005
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Denver Colorado. 303. The least ghetto of big cities.
Chris:"Damn nigga. We gon mobb around in D-Town tonight?"
Justin:"Hell yeh nigga. Represent the trey O trey."
by Sweat February 21, 2005
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