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a vehicle that is used primarily for the desert, typically these vehicles are two-wheel drive. A customized vehicle that can have the following: upgraded coilovers, long travel rear leafs, Deavers, long travel kit, uniball upper control arm, bed cage...etc.
Tony: I just got a new truck yesterday.
Kirsten: Are you going to do anything to it?
Tony: Yeah, I want to it make it into a prerunner, maybe a Camburg or a Total Chaos long travel kit...I wanna go fast on the desert.
by Swear2God! April 23, 2008
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To beat up, hurt, demolish, or kill something or someone.

Any violent act on someone, to do harm.

Imaginary figure, cousin of slaughter-faced jackson.
I'm about to go pure rape-house williams on his ass when I rez in the Barrens.
by Swear2God! April 23, 2008
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A synonym for being intoxicated, shit-faced, drunk, and etc.

A drinker's version for Uncle Sam, "he wants YOU to drink"
Swear to god I'm getting slaughter-faced jackson tonight.

I am going to have a meeting with slaughter-faced jackson at the party.
by Swear2God! April 22, 2008
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