6 definitions by Swaag66

When twins share common thoughts or actions; when a twin experiences the feelings of another; when twins have an understanding of each other or seem to talk to each other by just sharing a glance.
When Liam and Norah both said, "well, that was quite a day," Eli thought they had twin telepathy.
by Swaag66 March 15, 2017
One who drinks coffee or any form of caffeine i.e. cappuccino, frappe, or latte.
"oh, that coffee was SO GOOD!" "yo, you a freep."
by Swaag66 March 1, 2017
my car keys were just such a twinsel this morning.
by Swaag66 March 15, 2017
a piece of hair sticking up; a calic.
When Jon brushed his hair, a little twinsel still sticked up.
by Swaag66 March 15, 2017
one who is addicted to coffee; likes coffee to an unhealthy extent.
I saw Larry buy, like, 20 chocolate bars from Wawa. He must be a chocoholic. (PS, Wawa is THE BEST convenience store in southeastern PA and NJ.)
by Swaag66 March 3, 2017