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the third degree of roughness in the scale:

minger, mingerola, semi-conga, momma-conga

with 'minger' being a 1 on the scale of roughness, and momma-conga being a 4. Thus, semi-conga is a 3 - bad but not the worst.
"That girl I pulled last night was a mingerola."
"No way, she was worse than that. A semi-conga."
by SusieQ October 31, 2006
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The practise of freezing a length of faeces with a view to using it as a masturbatory tool.
Mike: What did you do over the weekend, Pete?

Pete: Froze some sh*t and used it to pleasure Patricia.

Mike: Ah, the old snowman's finger, eh.
by SusieQ July 29, 2008
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A tile is a slang variant of idiot, fool, ignoramus, clown. Commonly used as a noun i.e. "He's such a tile." Less commonly as a verb: "Stop tiling around!" and even more infrequently as an adjective, as in "He does the most tiley things."
by SusieQ June 3, 2005
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