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Soft and very furry Cat. He is the Beast-Master. He will eat all of the World's Bugs, and also Birds. He will attack ALL of the strings on Planet Earth-World. With a cat like him, who needs a girlfriend? Marlboro Man is the life of the Party. He is The Business.
bryan patterson beast-master claws Marlboro Man russian blue feline
by SuperFriend October 29, 2013
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Remember that time Emily Wise Head Humped the midgets? Weirdmazing it was.
by SuperFriend October 3, 2020
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A Zexion is World Of Warcraft slang for somebody who overly brags about their items / achievments manily in guild chat and will at any oppurtunity try to upstage anybody who releases information about his or her Items / Achievments.

To do a 'Zex' is to link in items continuously to the annoyment of fellow guild members and thriving on having better or higher level items or completing better or higher level tasks. Typically a 'Zex' would also report players to World of Warcraft administrators for extremly minor offences.

The word originates from the Super Friends guild on the european server Dunemaul where a player was accepted into the guild only to repeatedly annoy fellow members.
SuperFrieds Member : check out this cool new Sword of Omen

Zexion : Yer thats ok but i just got Better Sword of Omen , Drangon Spunk Mail , Leet Boots etc...

SuperFriends Member : yer but im only level 20

Zexion : still im beter :P
by SuperFriend September 20, 2007
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