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A Hybrid of human and forces yet unknown to mankind.
They tend to come off as bi polar but really they just have a quicker mental reflex to your bullshit and revert to a neutral state after a certain amount of time ranging between 5 seconds and never.

Name meaning: Welsh:Beautiful, poet, philosopher( male variant), fair, pretty.
In the New Welsh however, it also means plaything.

-All Tegans are connected by a hive mind complex.
-Never feed a Tegan after midnight.
-Have a high tolerance for WEIRD.
-Have little tolerance for bullshit, if any.
-The filter that separates the brain and the mouth is thin if at all existent.
-Tend to troll
-Are typical Tsundere's
-Females aren't particularly feminine.
-Jury is still out on the males.
-Have no particular sense of shame in regards to social stigma.
-Don't get all worked up about bullshit, big or small.
-Tend to function better under stress.
-Are nocturnal.
-Feed off of music and internet trolls.
-Make great house pets.
-Aren't particularly opinionated
-When pushed, will bite.
-Will follow commands if they care about the person issuing them enough, if not you will have a new ass hole in less than 5 seconds.

Be wary of Evil Tegans they use their powers for dastardly deeds.
"Tegans start off their lives as normal humans until named, with the name comes the awesomeness of all previous incarnations of the Tegan species.

These powers include:
-Extreme internal, mental, spiritual, or physical beauty more than likely more than one, sometimes all of the above.
-Supernatural abilities in the Ultima sub-species.
-Evil abilities in the Omega sub species."

-The big book of real mythical creatures, internet addition.
by Summon-a-bitch November 17, 2011

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A bitch with both direction and magnitude.
The most horrible of all of the species of bitches, they feed on people's misery by first weakening them with tales of their own, most of which are petty issues relating to their personal appearance or lifestyle.

Some may weaken a victim first with jealousy as they feed off of their victims bank accounts as well or any small kindness that you show them.

Once they find a victim they cling to them relentlessly to the point of suffocation and then they feed and leave you to socially die.
She ruined my life, turned all of my friends against me, claims to have banged my man and I'm pretty sure she ransacked my closet.

We need to track down that Vectorbitch and kick her ass!
by Summon-a-bitch November 17, 2011

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A bitch who can move in all directions, But is a step below a Vector bitch.

They tend to juggle many people that they are screwing over at once and at a quick pace, they are manipulative and wretched little goobers.
That girl was cheating on that guy with three other guys and a girl!

Damn, Bitch on a hovercraft. that bitch can move!
by Summon-a-bitch November 17, 2011

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