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A song off of Incubus' album Fungus Amongus. Technically this is not a word, although some claim it to mean "high like us". It is actually a slang term for insane or crazy
"you must be absolutely hilikus!"
by succubus November 15, 2004
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6 hard boiled eggs, shelled and mooshed up. Add a small amount of mayonase, a drop of mustard, some celery and/or pickle relish and salt, pepper and paprika to taste. Chill before serving.
Serving Suggestion: With lettuce on white bread.
The egg salad sandwich that my old man ate gave him such deadly gas that i made him sleep in the garden shed.
by Succubus February 06, 2005
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The name of Bob and Doug's dog. See hoser, SCTV or Great White North for further details.
Bob: "Dad, Doug gave Hosehead your beer!"

Doug: "nu-uh!"
by Succubus February 06, 2005
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1. A glowing incorporeal circle that horizontally resides several centimeters over the head of an angel or a saint.
*In the case of anime it resides over the heads of anyone who has died(see DBZ).

2. An good FPS that was initially available for Xbox and now also the PC it is horribly overrated by little 12-year-old fanboys whos computers are so bad that they cannot even play Half-Life let alone UT and thus have nothing to compare Halo to. Halo's godlike status in their eyes is something very dear to them for it is the only thing that justifies their purchase of the Xbox.
1. The angel descended upon the earth and all gazed in awe at the halo that marked him divine.

1.*Goku: Hey yo Krillin you died!
Krillin: Yeah and now I have this wierd thing over my head, hey look it jiggles, wheee!

Fanboy: OMG! Hal0 is t3h best game evah!
Real FPS gamer: It is decent but offers nothing new, UT is way more fun, and Far Cry is better than Halo too. All Halo has is graphics.
Fanboy: Haha, you are just 2 p00r 2 buy an Xbox so you got a 3 Ghz proccessor with 1048 corsair Ram, 120 GB HD, and ATI Radeon 9800 instead. Stop whining.

Real FPS Gamer: Whatever.
by Succubus June 26, 2004
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