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the most common term used when an insult is thrown at you figuratively.
person 1: gay
person 2: NO U IDIOT
person 1: -obtains the big sad-
by StoppedEmu67 November 8, 2019
lazarbeam is our yeet lord and melon god. he is the only australian youtuber we need. he has played many games in the past such as minecraft, fortnite, poly bridge, madden, and more. his original support a creator code got stolen by some other idiot, so remember to yeet and use code lazar in the fortnite, minecraft, nintendo, roblox, and shoplazar.com item shop.
by StoppedEmu67 November 14, 2019
that green green lettuce. the white white "ice cream"
oh man i really want some of the good good! i hope it's that green green lettuce lol.
by StoppedEmu67 November 12, 2019
my friend failed to type discord call, this was a result. now it's his new username.
Disocrd Casll 39, can you play right now?
by StoppedEmu67 November 8, 2019
when our god lazarbeam yeets a meteor, it becomes a yeeteor.
by StoppedEmu67 November 20, 2019
a definition is commonly used when one doesnt know what a word means. in his case, the definition of definition is to define something
help me define definition”
by StoppedEmu67 May 18, 2022