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An incredibly beautiful, possibly homosexual, American Woman.

While being beautiful on the outside, the Baylea has been known to transform at the sight of a full moon into a leprachaun hermaphrodite that wants to talk to your kids about the importance of education and staying drug free. If ever confronted by a Baylea, and you have no armour piercing weapons/ammunition, you can offer it a Dr. Pepper as a peace offering.

Also, the Baylea is racist in its leprachaun form.
Guy 1: What the hell is that!?
Guy 2: It's a Baylea!!!!!! KILL IT HURRY!!!
by StoneColdStunna October 10, 2011

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A term to describe something really cool that you see or encounter. An alternative to the words "cool", "amazing", etc. Both academic and laid back in usage.
Yo man, that new whip is dawgtastic.
by Stonecoldstunna March 21, 2013

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