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One of utmost jewery.

Combined with both snow and jew, this recipient should be carefully monitored, as his jew powers are mighty.

Snowjews are known to unearth from the snow at random times, and maximize their jew-tributes.

Though their chicanery is strong, they are not plentiful in quantity, as it can take decades before one is morphed.

Should you have a friend that matches these intense attributes, please see the example below.
Snowjew: Well Tim! Lent is tomorrow! Looks like you have to give something up right?

Timmy: Yeahhh Yeahh i know... i just dont know what to give up.

Snowjew: Hmmm....

How about you u give up condoms for a day? I hear its super pleasurable! ;D

9 months later....

by StickyIcky March 05, 2012

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any fake ass bloods from flemington, feel me f-town
your all fake
by stickyicky March 25, 2003

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