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To throw one's penis far below where the sun don't shine
Last night I threw her the old ass anchor
by Stickman Straw January 23, 2005

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Ginochacie is the term used for an extremely overweight man with a sexual fetish for strippers AND a very high pitched voice. Of course this man hasn't the ability to score with the strippers nor physically have proper sex due to his overhanging gock (look it up).
Fuckin' Ginochachie he's so fat and horny!
by Stickman Straw December 15, 2004

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A German term (Hence Helmut) used to describe the foreskin on the penis; covering the gutter for which the penis cheese is harvested.
King Nectars got a lot of penis cheese hidden behind that gutter helmut.
by Stickman Straw December 19, 2004

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