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The act of sticking ones balls in own ass and then shitty them out.
That assholes probably in the shitter giving himself finkleroys.
by Stevie J December 05, 2007
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A habitual dick toucher that goes above and beyond in attempts to grab tube steak. This person usually comes up with constructive ways of bumping into other men as an excuse for grabbing a handfull of meat.
I cant Believe that trevy molested me again.... he is such a petty poots
by stevie J June 11, 2010
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Sperm infested with STD's. Usualy when a girl finds out later she should have used protection after taking a stranger home from the bar and being injected with bernsauce
"Hey Claire wanna go to the bars this weekend?" No i cant i gotta go to the clinic last weekend i think i was injected with bernsauce
by stevie j July 27, 2010
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taking home an extremly chubby girl from the bars.. and then proceeding to fill one of her rolls full of maple syrup and then folding the roll completly over ones head
hey boys do you all feel like goin out for some crepe's tonight. No replies johny your discusting. i dunno why u guys like to eat the crepe so much!!
by stevie j July 07, 2010
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