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Confidence achieved by knowing the person you are speaking to isn't within punching distance.
He can be aggressive and rude because he knows the other person is a thousand miles away on the end of a telephone. He has massive phone balls.
by Steve Stevenly December 17, 2009

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A cross between cornhole and burn. An atomic burn. To wreck someone completely. To burn someone emotionally.......twice. To burn someone a second time because they were too stupid to learn a lesson the first time.
Take a girl out and show her a good time. Get her interested, root her and leave before she wakes up. Take her number but don't leave yours. Leave it a few months before you call then ring, apologise, say you made a big mistake because you were too overcome with feelings for her. Next take her out again and repeat the first four steps. The end result is a cornburn.
by Steve Stevenly December 17, 2009

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One who avoids meat preferring seafood, One who dislikes sausage, One who avoids the purple headed custard chucker, A dyke, Lez, lezzo, carpet muncher, muff diver, WHL, rug muncher, taco puncher, homo, lady homo, box eater, queer, A lady who prefers the company of ladies, A lesbian.
She hates cock but loves snatch. She's a vadgetarian.
by Steve Stevenly December 20, 2009

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