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abv. for "The Mighty Boosh" BBC radio and TV sitcom.

Stars Julian Barret and Noel Fielding as zookeepers Howard T.J. Moon and Vince Noir (Rock n Roll Star).
Come with us to The Mighty Boosh.

The Boosh is loose and we're a little bit raw.

Boosh, Boosh, stonger than a moose, don't lock your doors or we'll come through the roof.
by Steggs August 03, 2006

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Imaginary device used to scope out:
1-females/ginie, or;
2-opportunities to be a cunt.
"Let's crack out the gynoscope and hunt down some pussy"

"I've got you in my gynoscope cross-hairs"
(To female: I'm going to try to get sex from you)
(To male: I'm gonna fuck you up)
by Steggs July 17, 2006

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A sweaty scrotum resulting from a hard day's work.
In particular, the odour produced by said scrotum.
"I scratched my sack, now my hand smells like joot"
"You're a dirty joot"
by Steggs July 16, 2006

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