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The single best bite of any meal.
I just ate the money bite of this steak and it blew my mind!
by Steebu! June 25, 2006
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Hendecavisible birthdays are "special" birthdays in which your age is evenly divisible by 11. Typically celebrated only by eccentrics.
Congratulations on turning 33! Are you enjoying your third hendecavisible birthday?
by Steebu! August 10, 2006
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Similar to using XOXO to represent "Hugs and Kisses," SHSH is typically used by lovers to express deep sexual connection at the end of a written letter or email.

The letter 'S' represents "Snake", and 'H' stands for "Hole" and thus SHSH is most frequently used between heterosexual couples. Permutations including "SSSS" and "HHHH" are also used.

Repetitive use of "SH" represents the degree to which one lover yearns for the other, thus "SHSHSHSH" represents much greater passion than just "SHSH."

Another interpretation of repeating "SH" characters represents a commitment of one lover to the other of promised climaxes for their next sexual encounter (e.g., "SHSHSH" represents three pledged orgasms). This interpretation is less common, however, as living up to a "SHSHSH" commitment might be difficult, and signing a letter or email with just "S", while honest, does not provide enough context to convey the proper affection.

"Snakes" and "Holes" derive from the exclamation "I'm going to put my snake into your hole!" This was first popularized in the mid-1980s by teenagers playing the Apple ] video game Snake Byte, in which one of the goals of the game is to guide a phallic, ever-growing "snake" through a "hole" at the top of the screen.
Hi Sweetie! I've been thinking of you all day today and can't wait to see you tonight! SHSH
by Steebu! June 12, 2006
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