4 definitions by Stanford

Brought up from the original word "yes", giving more feel and life to the word.
"Fancy a cup of coffee?..."

by Stanford December 15, 2004
A spoken greeting to somebody you know. Dirived from the word "hello", but with a bit of a twist.

by Stanford December 15, 2004
Pronounced (min-ya). Technically someone who delights in eating ass but normally used playfully amongst friends to mean you’re silly
Omg, he did that? Such a fucking migna hahaha!

Migna. It’s right next to you, on your left haha.

So what did you do, how’d it go?

I’m a migna bro, you know exactly how it went :

No freaking way, you—?
by Stanford May 12, 2020
Stands for Equally Attractive Non-Alchoholic Beverage's. A slang term used to describe non-alchoholic drinks offered at parties.
Jamba Juice is a common EANAB at freshmen dorm parties.
by Stanford July 18, 2004