3 definitions by Stçggs

Prefix. Used to used to indicate superiority of an object or person. Commonly used in Scrubs by "The Todd".
Kronenbourg is THE beer.

Ladies, The Todd has arrived. Show The Todd some love.
by Stçggs August 14, 2006
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Semen. Substance consumed by pussies. High in protein with that salty "from the ocean" flavour.
That chick's cat was hungry for my cat food.
by Stçggs September 24, 2006
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A female who is irritable/angry due to an itchy vagina. Variation on the Cartman quote: "Don't worry about Kyle, he's just got some sand in his vagina"
Kath went off at me for no reason. She's being such a sandbox, it's like a desert down there.
by Stçggs September 11, 2006
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