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A portly woman's vulva. Due to excessive fat tissue, the vulva appears to bulge out. Could also be referred to as a "front butt."
While exploring the intricate folds of Emily's bulgina, Nate found that it kinda looked like Jay Leno's chin.
by Sraes Nave June 06, 2008

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The feeling of shame and embarrassment one experiences when a crappy and/or embarrassing song comes on while playing their mp3 player on shuffle for a group of people.
Man, when The Jonas Brothers came on at Nicky P's party, it was the worst. You could cut the shuffarrassment with a knife.
by Sraes Nave August 14, 2008

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the state of mind of a person who is deeply intoxicated on jenkem.

similar to the k-hole (which describes the conscious, catatonic state that ketamine users experience)
"Dude, looks like your Dad's got his j-boots on again..."
by Sraes Nave May 08, 2008

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v. To break up with a girl while you're still inside of her.

(conjugation: -ed, -ing)

origin: C. NadDogs, summer '07
Guy #1: Dude, you still with Janet?

Guy #2: Nah man- I nad-dogged her last night. I'm a free man now.
by Sraes Nave October 13, 2008

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