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Situated across the River Mersey from Liverpool.

Typical inhabitants vary from mindless chavs, found in the likes of Birkenhead and Woodchurch, to the upper eschelons of society and pillars of the community such as Judges found in Caldy and Heswall.

The Wirral Peninsular is also where Liverpudlians flee to once they have made their fortune.

There is an animosity between proper Scousers and Plastic Scousers (Wirralians) as both feel they are superior to the other. Liverpudlians think that all residents of the Wirral are frustrated Scousers and simply aren't wonderful to be from Liverpool. Wirralians look down their noses at Liverpudlians because they don't usually require a translator to be understood outside of Merseyside and because the Wirral is a much nicer place to live notwithstanding scum pockets.
The Wirral Peninsular is the Beverley Hills of Merseyside.
by Squirrel84 October 14, 2008
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