A grassy little village situated in between Prenton and Arrowe Park, that is populated by Chavs, Vermin, Dolites, and the general ilk that is coming to identify Britain of the 21st Century. The estate was built after it was bombed during World War 2, it is currently required a second bombing to wipe out the lowest common denominator, who take luxury in destroying other people's property and set fire to wheelie bins, just to prove who the Alpha Male* is. The parents are unaware, or totally oblivious of what little John Alex, or Tania Ann is doing. It is a mere bus ride away from Birkenhead.

* Alpha Male in the Chav circle can also be identified by his underlying insecurities, tiny wrists, inverted penis, and hairy tongue. He is the first to get hit, and knocked out, if he ever encounters and violence. Usually by his father.
That Woodchurch. It's a FUCKING SHITHOLE.
by smiek June 07, 2007
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