27 definitions by Squeky Clean

When Darth Vadar starts watching your T.V. and Demands snacks!
Get me snacks you fool!!
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
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A severe weggie that rides up to the upper belly. A very discomforting process.
Damn, I got an upper belly wegie.
by Squeky Clean April 02, 2005
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the act of jumping some one and haul ass out of there!!
Tim: i heard you got jump-n-go'd
Jim: hey punks jump up to get beat down
****Tim hits Jim and runs****
by Squeky Clean November 26, 2004
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Its when you go to someones house and knock on there door, and go in and F*** the hell out of them, its like in the old times when you bring over cookies. but you bust n there house doin the shocker.
Matt: When are you going to take a basket to Natalie.
Jon Wayne: Whenever i feel like GAAH
Matt: I wish you would get out of my life and shut up.

by Squeky Clean January 31, 2005
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You jump off something into a pie.
Im gonna go Silch this is boring
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
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somethings that lands in a water like substance
ahh.....dick spot :(...what are you doing in my cereal.*BAT*
by Squeky Clean April 24, 2005
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When you hang somebody
im gonna compliment you on your necklace tommorow.
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
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