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A trivia website that has quizzes in all subjects: sports, geography, television, and more. The user types possible answers in a box and once he/she gets a correct answer it shows up on the quiz.

WARNING: Known to be very addictive and can cause massive sleep deprivation. Sporcle-itis is known as the stage of addiction to sporcle.
Joe: Hey dude, are you alright?
John: I'm fine, I'm just incredibly tired. I spent all last night trying to get a perfect score on Countries of the World on Sporcle.
Joe: Dude, I just did that a couple of days ago!
by Sporcle-Addict July 06, 2009
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A disease that is quickly spreading across nerds around the world. It is crucially important to know the causes and symptoms so you don't suffer the same fate:

Cause: Discovering sporcle, a trivia website that quizzes you on basically everything. Very fun, but also quickly addicting.

Symptoms: You may have sporcle-itis if you have experienced any of these symptoms:

- Loss of sleep by trying to get a perfect score on a quiz

- Overheating of your computer due to an excess of time spent on it

- Lack of motivation to do anything social, as it may cut in to your sporcle time

- Loss of color to the skin due to lack of time outside

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, please go to sporcle.com now to satisfy your needs.
Billy: Hey LeShawn, come to my party this weekend. There's gonna be a ton of hot babes there!

LeShawn: Party? Weekend? NO!! That means I'm not at my computer, and not trying to get all of the top 100 movie characters of all time on Sporcle! <Crawls back into basement>

Billy: Damn, he's got some major sporcle-itis.
by Sporcle-addict July 06, 2009
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