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The look that rock guitarists have when they try hit difficult notes on their guitar. A scrunched up look to the mouth and eyes as you are trying to do something difficult. Happens to non-guitarists when trying to defecate.
Man, this morning, I had some serious 'git dat note face' after eating that whole pizza last night.
by spodie August 28, 2011

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1) Odd boxes with arrows that need to be generated into Visio diagrams later at tech companies. Wipe/White board sessions where.

2) What a non-technical manager thinks of Visio diagram planning sessions or any thing 'technical' related like servers, hardware, application flow, Datacenter diagram related.
"Hey we probably need to get some Nerd Graffiti on this issue before we move forward".
"We should have a meeting in your office over this problem and write out on the white board which servers and network components are at risk or a problem or what we need to design for the future.
by Spodie February 10, 2011

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A thing, task, change or problem that needs to be completed quickly due to a decission makers saying so, and typcially not based on any real need or requirement.

Used when someone is taking a poop on a situation. Emerge= to move out from, '+' NOW.
I just had a Huge Emergent Situation occur, had to use an entire roll of toilet paper to complete it.
by spodie February 11, 2011

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