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It is when somebody tells you something and you already knew they would tell you they did it, but you give them instructions to do so, before they tell you they did it.
You gotta be shetting me! I cant believe you put that there before I told you, even though you know I would say that! No Shett!

Also spelled - shettin'
by Spitfirezero January 09, 2012
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a male who is always streaming pandora music while wearing glee t-shirts and holding a large oversized laptop.
I was sitting on the bus watching a pandorka in his glee t-shirt listening to Pandora on a huge oversized laptop!!! WOW what a pandorka!
by SpitfireZero November 17, 2011
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Its when you are more than happy about a new application for your android. You are hyappy
After using some kind of drug that raises your activity level, and you want to use an android application.
Man I am so Hyappy today!!! I can take on the world... with this new android application!! It makes me so HYAPPY
by SpitfireZero November 15, 2011
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This is used for texting

Here is a
Heresazample for you
by SpitfireZero November 15, 2011
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When you have a customer that does not like what you are doing, and he has lots of hair all over his body, and he likes to spend at least two of your hours wasting your time. A twookie!
Man that twookie would not leave my office for like 2 hours!!! GOSH!!
by SpitfireZero September 18, 2013
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