3 definitions by Spit

n. the plural of tyttay.
n. gimonstronourmous boobs.
look at that girl's tyttays, they got its gravitational pull.
by Spit September 8, 2004
1. Shorter name for Cutler Ridge-Miami Florida.
2. Shorter name of Miami Southridge High School.
punk#1:Yo niggas are from the ridge?
punk#2:Yeah, we represent! C.R!!!
by Spit September 15, 2004
Slang for "For sure my nigga". Term was popularized by Big Snoop Dogg(formerly snoop Doggy Dogg). Recognized variations are "For shizzle my nizzle", and "For sheezy my neezy". The way to speak this language is simple. Take the 1st sound of almost any word and the rest of the word replace with 'izzle' or 'eezy'.
"Man I need to find a bizzle to suck my dizzle"

by Spit September 4, 2003