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Abbreviation of the word 'ridiculous' with the accent on the second syllable.

1. Usually denotes an event or occurrence that was very memorable and enjoyable.

2. Can sometimes be used to show aggrevation over something preposterous
Guy - Hey, I had a lot of fun last night at the clubs with you.
Girl - Yeah, last night was ridick!

Friend #1 - Yo, did you do the French homework?
Friend #2 - Um, no, who does she think she is giving us all that work. That teacher's ridick!
by Spina May 20, 2005

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A French phrase used as an interjection which literally translates to "that's the worst" (pronounced 'Sah Say luh PEER'). Can be used to express regret or disappointment, or to show anger.
Boy - Wow, my neighbor stole all my dog's puppies and put them in a sack and beat them against the wall until they were all dead.

Boy #2 - Wow, ça c'est le pire.
by Spina May 20, 2005

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Derived from the term used for nurses in the 1950's (one who wore primarily white clothing with one bright pink stripe down the side), a term used to describe someone whose actions are downright asinine and borderline homosexual.
Metrosexual Guy - Hey, bud, want me to put some sunscreen on you?
Straight Guy - Fuck no, dude!
Straight Guy's Girlfriend - What the hell! Why do you always have to be such a candy striper?!
by Spina May 20, 2005

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