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Methedrone. Tomato plant food that was first used recreationally in Bristol.
You got any Bristol Meth mate? No, do I look like a tomato grower?
by Sparky Panel November 15, 2009

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A conjugation of the words SMUNT ("a smug cunt") and MUNTER, thus describing a smug cunt who is also hideously fat and/or fiendishly ugly.
Janine is a right Smunter and so is her husband Chris. What a pair of Smunters.
by Sparky Panel March 05, 2010

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The act of desecrating the toilet due to an over reliance on protein shakes and excessive time in the gym (without any focus on sphincter muscle exercises).

Darren Fletcher is known to have routinely pebblenashed the toilets at Old Trafford, that's why he's no longer in the team.
Fucking hell Nash, you been on the Maximuscle again? The bogs have been proper pebblenashed, you dirty bastard.
by Sparky Panel February 17, 2012

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