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A 100 dollar bill. Used in Mafia slang, and generally heard around the north eastern United States.
Righty: Change for another beaner.

Johnnie: Don't you think you've spent enough?
by Spanky Doodle February 15, 2008
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A term derrived from the French Cajuns which means:

1. crazy
2. silly
3. stupid
4. wild
Pierre: I told that girl to stay away after she burnt my house down.

Kirk: She is deffinitely a kuyon.

by Spanky Doodle January 08, 2008
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Term used for a small house in bad condition. Also known as a shit-shack.
"Let's go to my cabarn and shag ass"
by spanky doodle June 07, 2007
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One who wears an over bearing mustache that makes him or her look like a total shmuck!
The picture of the man's face on Incubus' "The Science" album. Almost everybody on Anchorman. Walter Cronkite, and many many more Shmuckstachers around the globe. You know who they are!
by Spanky Doodle December 27, 2007
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A German inspired word which means, "Good And Tight." Now, for ya'll that speak English but have no sense of humor, Good And Tight is associated with a female's vagina, that it is "Good N Tight."
Spelvin: Ooh dat foreign exchange student is hot!

Marcus: You got that right! I think her name is Gudentite!

Spelvin: I want some Gudentite!
by Spanky Doodle April 03, 2008
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