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The sufferers of this syndrome have an irrepressible urge to correct any and all grammar mistakes that come within their sight. At times this can be helpful, but at other times, it can be downright inappropriate and mean.
Jane: Hey! Take that apostrophe out of there!
Bob: What? Who are you?
Jane: I'm sorry, I have Red Pen Syndrome.
by Soundandfury August 13, 2008

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1. Doris Egan.

2. Nickname of one of the writers of "House, M.D." Also wrote episodes for "Numb3rs", "Smallville", and "Dark Angel."

3. A fantastic source of House/Wilson subtext.
House/Wilson fangirl #1: Seriously, "House vs. God" and "Son of a Coma Guy" were practically subtexty gifts to fangirls.

House/Wilson fangirl #2: Well, duh. Who do you think wrote them?

House/Wilson fangirl #1: God bless Saint Doris.
by soundandfury January 13, 2008

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1. A band famous for "I'm Into Something Good", "I'm Henry the VIII I Am", "There's a Kinda of Hush", and "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter".

2. Something akin to sex without love for hardcore Beatles fans.
Hardcore Beatles Fan #1: Hey, do you wanna listen to Revolver?
Hardcore Beatles Fan #2: Y'know, I don't really think that my mind can handle being blown like that right now. How about Herman's Hermits?
by soundandfury April 08, 2008

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1. Also known in the "House, M.D." fandom as "Saint Doris".

2. She wrote 37 episodes of the show, and gave House/Wilson shippers something to blush about.

3. A writer with a keen eye for subtext (and apparently, a brain full of it).
We get an entire episode, "Son of a Coma Guy", full of House/Wilson subtext, thanks to Doris Egan.
by soundandfury January 13, 2008

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