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1. You must conform to others. If other people smoke, drink, have sex at a young age, and go out every night, you have to, too. If you don't and "be yourself"... well, you're a fag with no life.
2. Only heterosexuals are accpeted here. If you are ANY other sexuality, be it gay, lesbian, or bisexual, you with be physically/ verbally abused by "normal" heteros, even if you didn't to SHIT to anyone.
3. Virginity is evil. If you are still a virgin by the time you are 15 years old, you will be attacked by people who don't have the social sin of "virginity". Oh? STDs? Pregnacy? Don't worry about these things, only an orgasm matters. Oh, and if you are male, you must sleep with multiple women. If not... you're a loser.
4. Minorities are also evil. If you are black, Mexican, Asian; any other ethnic group besides white, then be prepared to be bombarded with racial slurs and stereotypes. Also, if you are a woman, be ready for sexist pigs, rape, chauvinists, and men who only want sex to lie to you. Oh, and if you get pregnant, it's all YOUR fault, even though the man had just as much to do with it. Women are evil.
6. If you are a great painter, an excellent writer, have an IQ above, watch TV, a wonderful and skilled video gamer, a loner, a kind person, a reader, or just like being indoors away from rapists, murderers, and thugs... you need to get fucking laid and a life. Sex, drugs, and alcohol are the only exceptable hobbies here, and if you talk about anything else, no one cares.
The white, straight, Christian male who smoked weed, drank beer, slept with over 20 women, was lazy and acted like an asshole was admired by everyone, while the Asian, bisexual, athiest female that donated over 1,000 to orphanages, was very kind to everyone, was a virgin, and loved to read books was treated like shit. The model for society.
by Someone fed up November 02, 2010
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A sweet female who knows how to talk to a male, and is usually quiet, smart and doesn't talk too much, but is ignored by them because she is not as attractive as the smug bitches wearing thongs. Like nice guys, but female.
The nice girl was very sweet and would never disrespect a man, but she was ignored by the boys because they would rather have a moronic bitch that's hot than a smart, sweet one who's not the hottest thing in the world.
by Someone fed up November 05, 2010
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A phrase said by idiots to people who do something with their time other than smoke weed, drink, and have sex with everyone.
WUT? You read last night? You didn't get laid instead?! Get a life!
by Someone fed up November 05, 2010
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Discrimanation against someone based on gender. Is a huge issue, but overlooked by racism.
Look up: women, women's rights, men, feminism, woman, females, and man for a valid example of sexism.
by Someone fed up November 05, 2010
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