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Kardashian Commitment:

an insincere, temporary or fraudulent commitment to a long term goal without true intention of follow-through; a false commitment made for personal gain without intention of follow-though. Investors, Frauds and con men often make Kardashian Commitments.
Candidate Dufty made a Kardashian commitment to the disabled woman in promising to help get her a wheelchair. His staff later explained that with so many people standing around, Dufty couldn't say no. However, he regrets not being able to help as he was busy campaigning for the people.
by SocialKeith November 07, 2011
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A JournalPoser is an opinion writer posing as an objective journalist. The JournalPoser spins the news in an idealogical direction to suit his or her own views and purposes, without disclosing that the bias is built in.

Ethnic-oriented news journals and sexual orientation reporters are often JournalPosers, especially when they do not disclose their bias.

(Journalists such as Rachel Maddow are not JournalPosers because it is clear that opinion and interpretation are the force behind the content.)
The San Francisco Bay Guardian assigned a JournalPoser to the 2012 mayoral election in favor of gay candidate Bevan Dufty. Their coverage was over-whelmingly positive regarding Dufty (who eventually lost by a landslide). When key reporter Joe A.W. Fitzgerald was presented with negative news about Dufty, he responded 'Ouch' and would not engage. The strong bias had not been disclosed to SFBG readers.
by SocialKeith November 11, 2011
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To design functionality and user interface based on the way users would benefit most; to apply user-centric thinking foremost.
Virgin America was the first airline to really think about hipmunking their planes. I can plug in my laptop with a regular connection like we do everywhere else in the world. And I can order a soda from my seat without bothering other passengers. They really thought about my needs when they deigned their aircraft. On the flip side, to hipmunk Siri, Apple might need to start over altogether with a user-centric approach.
by SocialKeith March 19, 2012
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