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The Akatsuki is a group in the famous anime "Naruto" full of S-rank ninja. There are 9 members;
Pein: He's the Leader. No he is NOT Yondimaine, anyone who thinks he is has not read the manga recently. He has 6 bodies that can can use, I believe it's refered to as the "Six Paths of Pain" and he can make it rain. In his village he's reffered to as a God.

Konan: The sole female member of the Akatsuki. If there are any more they arent important and havent been mentioned to what I've read. She can turn into a bunch of paper and make herself fold into a bunch of butterflies. That... doesnt seem to amazing to me but hey, its still pretty cool.

Zetsu: I don't know much about him accept he can sink into the earth, he's half venus fly trap (No clue how his parents managed to do that...), he has two halfs that can talk seperatly, and he's a cannible. Yay for cannibles.

Sasori: He's Sasori of the Red Sands! Yay! He made the original puppets Kankuro uses and hes a puppet himself. He travels in his puppet. No he is not a scorpion. He looks human. He just rides in a puppet. Makes alot of sense, doesn't it? Also he gets killed by Sakura and Chiyo, his grandma. Wow... getting killed by your grandma in reality would be depressing but hey, this is Naruto. Let all your dreams come true.

Tobi: Sasori's replacement. Now I don't know much about this, but he could POSSIBLY be Mandra Uchiha or Obito. I have no clue but tobi is bad ass. Enough said. Wait. I think he might have an evil side, I don't know thats just what I think from as far as I've read up to.

Deidara: Sasori's partner... until Sasori dies then he's Tobi's partner. He has 4 mouths. The one on his face where everyone has one, 1 on each hand, and one on his chest. Kick ass, huh? His mouths eat his special glay and make things like birds, spiders, etc and they blow up. Thats about as much as I can explain to you.

Kisame Hogashi (I think I spelled that right... ah well even if I didn't who cares. Sue me.): He's Itachi Uchiha's partner. He specializes in Water Jutsus and has a kick ass sword that eats chakara. He was one of the (Some number) Swordsmen... hey if you don't like this info then just go look on Wikipedia! Anyways, Go Kisame-kun!

Itachi Uchiha: Sasukes olderbrother who's completly hearless, killed his entire clan/family, is Kisame's partner, and is refered to by fangirls as a weasle. Bad ass, huh? Any questions? Good cause I couldn't answer them.

Hidan: He's refered to as a loudmouth by fangirls. I don't know why cause really, he wasn't that foulmouthed in the manga. Anyways, he worships a God called Jashin-sama. The rosary on his neck is his symbol for his religion like the cross is for Christianity. When he digests your blood your screwed cause when he gets in his little circle he can go into his Grim Reaper form and stab himself and bam. Your dead. Also; He's immortal. Kick ass, huh? Yeah. It is.

Kakuzu: Lets see, he has what, 5 hearts? he steals shinobi's hearts and uses them, I really dont know how thats healthy... but anyways he has masks on his back.... where the extra hearts are... listen i accually read this and didnt even understand it. But he has threads that are pretty bad ass. I'd like to clear 2 things up. 1: Kakuzu has white skin. Not brown. The brown is when he hardens his skin with a wood technique. 2: I heard Kakuzu is married and has 2 or 3 kids. Listen, I dont know if those kids are dead cause he lived so long, his wife and kids sold on the black market, I don't know but Kakuzu's family is like never mentioned so I'm not sure its true.

If I missed anyone I'm sorry. Here's a cool fact: Akatsuki means "Dawn" or "Red Sun" .... I think it'd make more sence as "Red Cloud" though....
Akatsuki will hunt down Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Nanabi, Hachibi, and Kyuubi and take the demons then dominate the world. Mwahahaha.
by Snowfrv February 27, 2008

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