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Term to recruit more people for ,,the cause".

,,The cause" refers to recruiting even more self-sabotaging degenerate no-life gamers, resulting in a never ending MLM recruiting process. Lowkey a sect.

You'll need to apply after receiving a secret code from accepted members and then wait for 7 bloodmoons.
,,Hey mate! You should joinvalhalla! We collect toe pictures for one of our leaders, too!"
by Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jense September 6, 2022
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Term for men-loving people, who commit hate crimes against culinary goods (such as replacing the crust of sushi with wasabi; desecting sushi with bare hands to pick out their favourite ingredient) on social media to solve creative blockades.

Usually fails at solving those blockades.
,,Yea, he's a Verky."
,,Damn, that damn Sushi got damn verked, damn."
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A Discord Command, you can implement in your Server. Let's people ban themselves to achieve honor within their Community. Basically online Seppuku.
You may get revived by a Community Lead. Or they may just forget you and leave you banned. Alone. In total darkness.
Infinitely spammable and can be used to escape a talk with your Discord kitten about the other kitten she isn't supposed to know about.

- ,,!BANME"
by Smitty Werben Jagger Man Jense September 21, 2022
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