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A man who lives on bullshit because whatever he is does not seem good enough.
That Andre dude is always making up something in an effort to elevate himself. Wow! Why can't he just tell the truth?

"Hey I went to Harvard."
"Oh, don't Andre me like that."

That is not true. Why do you Andre me like that?
by Smack Baby September 24, 2011

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The term Muddy Helmet is used in reference to a film residue, coating, paste, or chunks of shit remaining on the head or just below the head of a cock after anal sex.

This phenomenon results from pounding an anus not fully cleaned of feces.

The term is often used when speaking of homosexual sex.

A muddy helmet is sometimes referred to as a "fag fuck cock collar" or a "shit kiss".
Hey. I see you are heading out with that little Brazilian faggot Andre. Don't get a muddy helmet.

Last time you pounded that faggot Andre's ass, you had to use pineapple juice to get the mud off your helmet. What does that little hissy fit queer eat anyway? Motor oil?
by Smack Baby October 23, 2011

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Spokompton, AKA Spokane is a stagnant rotting settlement in eastern Washington State near the Idaho border not totally but largely populated by losers of various sorts. Any talented local youth wastes no time escaping Spokompton shortly after high school. Spokompton is so far removed from cosmopolitan Seattle that it more appropriately belongs in nearby Idaho.....or maybe West Virginia.

This depressing run-down armpit excuse of a "city" can only be endured in doses of not much more than three consecutive days before one feels compelled to tear his eyes from their sockets and push needles into his ears while chewing aluminum foil. For those not stoners or meth-heads, there is little to do in this ghetto but watch losers pass by on their way to the convenience store for another couple of 40s.

The fairly pleasant summer weather gives way to a dreary fall followed by a dark and nasty winter where cars driving with chains on salted roads create parallel canyons in each lane revealed only by the spring snow melt that leaves behind shoe ruining slop should you have to walk in it.

Spokompton a town that people generally leave - not move to unless coerced by powers beyond their control.
This town is so messed up it reminds me of Spokompton.

There are more losers in this town than Spokompton.
by Smack Baby August 16, 2011

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Seattle University is a small, quaint, Jesuit college located in a shithole ghetto section of Seattle and attended by students who couldn't make the bar for University of Washington but wanted to hang out in Seattle's depressing weather anyway because they mistakenly thought Seattle would be a great place to live.
Dude, I heard you didn't make it into UW.

Yeah but I can still hang with you in Seattle's depressing fucking weather 'cause Seattle University let me in. Hopefully that rain doesn't drive us to suicide.
by Smack Baby September 14, 2011

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