9 definitions by Slinky

(n) The best breed of dog in the world. Small enough to fit in ur bag, and big enough not to be a cat.
Billie-May! Billie-May! Hellllooooo!!!!!!
by Slinky October 10, 2004
(n) A nightclub where everyone is under 18, and everyone gives each other back massages.
your 18? your too old to be at the dome
by Slinky October 6, 2004
(n) Term used to describe a person who goes to nightclubs and takes pills, and then will precede to tell everyone about how great it was up until next saturday. When he/she takes pills again, then the fun starts all over for another week.
by Slinky October 6, 2004
A hacker that protects little lamers in chat rooms. But also is agesnt yahoo and other companies.Has a website www.slinkys-elite.com
Slinky: i r 1337 ! pwn j00
by Slinky March 27, 2005
Look that guy is walking like a fairy
by Slinky February 26, 2019
(n) A term used to describe the natural forming of ones receding hairline into the shape of an M.
oi mate! Is your face sponsered by Mcdonalds?
by Slinky October 6, 2004